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First of all, I sincerely thank you all for visiting my website. My aim in starting this website is to present my views in front of everyone.


shayarallinone is a website that is trying to tell many valuable meanings of life, so that the common people are aware and make themselves and their lives successful.The owner of this website, Shayar Rathore, whose dream is to make a place in the heart of everyone who joins this website.

You will find Shayar Rathore’s views in shayarallinone website which are written by Shayar Rathore and hope you will like it very much. The main purpose of this site is to identify ourselves. People have to be motivated to bring their awareness.

Terms of shayarallinone website :

Statutory warning: All rights to this site are reserved. The  only owner of this site has the right to all the content of shayarallinone if someone makes a copy paste of shayarallinone’s post anywhere for commercial use or copy any post anywhere in the audio video and will violate these rules whatever. He will be charged with both penalty and legal punishment.

Disclaimer : 

This site is not for those people who come to any site only for the time pass, this site is for those who really want to make some good changes in their is an informative site Its purpose is that whoever comes once on this site should get inspired and learn a lot of life.

  • Website privacy policy may also change over time to encourage everyone. If there is a change in the privacy policy on any day, the date of that day will be written.

This privacy policy was last modified on 17 january 2020.