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Something more about myself

I am very fond of writing and reading new things and I will keep writing something every day in my daily diary. I saw a lot at my young age, learned a lot, saw such days that even an elderly person may not have seen.My life was full of troubles, but I faced all the trouble where I stayed. I believe when someone else can solve this problem then why not me.There is no problem in the world that cannot be solved.

In the coming time, whether or not I will live in this world, but everything written by me should be alive. Whenever people read and understand this, then somewhere these things should work in their life.

About us page

Gradually, I will share my life experience with all of you.

I believe you can reach any height, but you should always stay connected with this Mother land.

I want to write a lot about myself but that’s all for now. I want to write my story too and when its right time comes, 

If I say all about myself in two words, Shayar Rathore was a closed book which has become an open book that everyone will read.The pages of my life will fill with time and will be found in this book.


My aim is to spread my knowledge, experience, and positivity to the rest of the world.